Saturday, April 29, 2017

Working Papers a collaboration with Caren Florance

This project with artist Caren Florance saw me in her letterpress studio setting the type (stream of consciousness) for what would become the poem 'the future unimagine' published by Cordite. The blocks of typeset text were then worked on by Caren Florance, printed on Japanese paper and sent to me so that I could draw on the pages. This work was mentioned in the news of the print world (selected new editions) section of Art in Print (USA). Caren and I gave a paper on the collaboration "Unfolding to refold: collaborative wordings" at the ABBE conference in Brisbane July 2017. The artwork and the poem is also reproduced as a visual/poetry book published by Recent Works PressThis book and its ephemera has entered the collections of The National Art Library, Victoria and Albert Museum and The Poetry Library London. 

Definitely creating new audiences for Visual Art through Poetry and for Poetry through Visual Art.

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