Wednesday, October 18, 2017

NightLadder Collective Exhibition Connect-ed at Brisbane Institute of Art Oct 2017

Showing three of my works Thirteen Meditations on the Untranslatable, MAENAD: Manifesto, and Index. 

In all of my works in this exhibition I am interested in text and image and notions of manuscript. Each of the three works offers a different aspect of the relationship. INDEX is an artist Book handwritten in ink on double sided pages, however the form of the book (a concertina bookended by two Witches Stairs) deliberately makes it impossible to read the words. Maenad – MANIFESTO is an altered book, the first in the MAENAD series. It is deconstructed from its original form (Maquarie Dictionary) and repurposed so that the opened pages move from a reading as text (book) to its possibility as image (ink on paper displayed on a gallery wall). My selection of specific words offers a critique of the historical moment in which we are living. In Thirteen Mediations on the Untranslatable seriality offers a method to contemplate the temporal. The unique-state, bleed etchings are contemplative, enigmatic and uncontained, deliberately at a scale to draw the viewer in to personal encounter. The work consists of thirteen etchings and a thirteen stanza poem.

Thirteen Meditations,  is forthcoming from Axon: Creative Explorations, materiality, creativity and material poetics (2018).