Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Artist Book 'Intention' part of ‘Conflict in History’ Residency

Intention uses a combination of text and image to commemorate the lives of refugees drowned at Christmas Island attempting to reach Australia by boat. As a migrant I have immigrated to Australia twice, the first as a boat arrival aboard the S.S. Strathnaver, and later as an independent adult through a migrant application arriving by air.
There is a foreground image, solvent release, of geometric lines taken from Arabic geometry, skewed and disrupted, that is reminiscent of map projection lines. The background image, of offset intaglio printed etching and relief printed lino does not project any narrative but is intended to convey the emptiness and scale of the ocean. There is a vast loneliness and undifferentiated sameness to open ocean, and in rough weather a profound terror.

The text of Intention, in handwritten pencil, was written as part of my ‘Conflict in History’ Residency for the Australian Historical Association and the University of Queensland’s School of History, Philosophy, Religion and Classic and the UQ Art Museum in the second half of 2014. It was published in Thing & Unthing, Angela Gardner, Vagabond Press, Sydney 2014.

Both books 21 x 13.5 x 1.2 closed and 21 x 300 open
etching, linocut, solvent release, pencil on Moleskine Japanese Album

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